All-Art Protocol is releasing the first open NFT marketplace on Solana with integrated minting, NFTs with embedded licenses, FTX-Pay support, Rarity index, and many more features.

The Solana ecosystem has seen explosive growth, including a range of NFT projects that have recently been launched. The demand for an open NFT marketplace has been communicated vocally by members of the community in need of a secondary market for all the NFTs minted in the Solana ecosystem. We believe that communities of NFT creators that are emerging will only be able to flourish in an open marketplace.

All-Art Protocol is releasing the first Unity-Solana wallet for an easy integration of Solana blockchain functionalities into the Unity game engine.

The Unity-Solana Wallet is an essential bridge connecting game developers and the Solana blockchain. With Solana’s quick and low-cost transactions, games can start using blockchain technology like never before — in real-time. Thousands of developers will bring millions of players into the Solana ecosystem. This will, in turn, make the Solana projects benefit from an increased number of participants, and cross-protocol interoperability in games will take us beyond the current understanding of DeFi.

The Unity game engine is one…

In other words: what’s wrong with the current NFT art market?


NFT-PRO is a new standard for art NFTs, designed to protect both artists and collectors. It enables liquid trading of NFTs which is impossible with the standard currently on the market.

Let us elaborate…

When you buy a regular NFT on Ethereum, you basically buy the control over a hash entry (a string of letters and numbers) that is linked to a file. That file is accessible to everyone with internet access, even if it is recorded in the smart contract attached to that NFT that you “own” it. But who do you buy it from? …

VR-All-Art announces All-Art Protocol on Solana Blockchain

The All-Art Protocol is aiming to bring constant liquidity to the world of tokenized art by creating a unique type of AMM (automated market maker) liquidity pools for NFTs. It introduces a new standard, the NFT-PRO, designed for stakeholders in the art market. The NFT-PRO standard will enable artists to customize license rights for each art piece they create and embed them into NFT-PRO smart contracts. Through this mechanism, the All-Art Protocol will protect both artists and collectors, while enabling new use cases for owning, exhibiting and trading art on the blockchain.


The world of art has always been a…

All-Art Protocol

Revolutionizing the world of NFTs with new blockchain protocol & NFT standard. Empowering artists to control license rights & fees. Website:

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