ALL.ART Brings EuroPride to VR for the Belgrade Pride Week

EuroPride 2022: Belgrade’s Defiant March Through Filip Bojović’s Lens

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3 min readSep 20, 2023

ALL.ART & Pride Collaboration

The collaboration between ALL.ART and Pride for the Belgrade Pride Week is a significant testament to the potential of uniting creative avenues with social advocacy.

Art and activism is a potent combination that sheds light to the journey of the LGBTI+ community in the Western Balkans. While met with challenges, it’s rich with stories of courage, love, and determination.

Meet Filip Bojović

Filip Bojović is more than just a graphic designer and photographer; he’s a storyteller from Novi Sad. His diverse range of works in graphic design has garnered accolades and admiration — and rightfully so.

However, it’s his ability to capture raw moments through his photography that sets him apart. Embedded in the core of the EuroPride events, Filip documented the candid moments of the Pride last year.

Filip Bojović: “Being in Belgrade for those 11 days in 2022 was transformative. I had the honor of experiencing and capturing the spirit of the first EuroPride in Southeast Europe firsthand.”

His upcoming book, “We Will Walk,” slated for a 2023 release, promises to encapsulate the spirit of EuroPride 2022, allowing readers a vivid journey through its pivotal moments.

Filip Bojović: “EuroPride in Belgrade isn’t just a moment in time; it’s a beacon, illuminating the path towards equality in the Western Balkans. Its impact will undoubtedly galvanize and energize the community and activists for the journey ahead.”

Significance of EuroPride

EuroPride in Belgrade wasn’t just another event in the global Pride calendar. Representing the culmination of years of tireless efforts by activists, it marked a turning point in the continuous fight for LGBTI+ rights in Southeast Europe.

Beyond the parades and festivities, it served as a stark reminder and rallying call for Europe and the world to recognize and stand in solidarity with the persistent struggles and aspirations of the LGBTI+ community in the Western Balkans.

Filip Bojović: “The significance of EuroPride in Belgrade was magnified by the collective sentiment from across Europe. It was a profound gesture of solidarity with the Western Balkan’s LGBTI+ community. A moment to acknowledge and laud their two-decade-long fight for equality, tolerance, and human rights — a fight that commenced with the first-ever Pride in Belgrade back in 2001.”

The Backdrop: Belgrade’s Bold Stance

Belgrade, often regarded for its historical significance, showcased a different side by hosting the EuroPride. This wasn’t merely a parade but a resounding message of resilience, acceptance, and hope, making it the first city in Southeast Europe to host such a paramount event.

A beacon for the pan-European LGBTI+ community, it was a symbol of progress, especially being the first outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to embrace this role.

Filip Bojović: “It’s staggering to reflect on the journey of the LGBTI+ community in this region. Belgrade’s decision to host this monumental event, especially as the first city in Southeast Europe and outside the EEA, is a testament to its courage and commitment.”

Exhibition Insights

Held at KC GRAD in Belgrade, “Despite Everything, We Marched” offered more than a casual stroll through a gallery. Bojović’s analog captures provided a deep dive into the EuroPride event’s essence, painting a vivid picture of the emotions and narratives that unfolded.

From the intimate behind-the-scenes moments of organizers and volunteers to the palpable emotions of attendees, the exhibition was a genuine representation of the human spirit’s resilience and the collective pursuit of equality and acceptance.

Check out Filip Bojović’s exhibition here.

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