ALL.ART Collective Announces Upcoming Game Project Backed by Ongoing Sui Network Support

ALL.ART Protocol
1 min readMar 27, 2024

ALL.ART Collective gears up to release an open-source hyper-casual game, backed by a grant from the Sui Network. With our Unity-Sui wallet integration, this new game aims to empower developers to accelerate their Web3 game development.

ALL.ART launches open-source hyper-casual game on Sui.

Set to be featured at the Sui Vietnam Hackathon, this upcoming hyper-casual game showcases the capabilities of ALL.ART’s Unity-Sui wallet and the Sui blockchain. It invites developers to experiment with this open-source product and create their own games.

The Sui blockchain’s design emphasizes scalability and consistently low gas fees, perfectly aligning with the demands of Web3 gaming. By addressing typical blockchain hurdles, it offers a conducive platform for developers, including ALL.ART, to develop blockchain-based games effectively.

Utilizing open-source solutions, ALL.ART fosters a community-oriented strategy that speeds up game development and fosters a spirit of knowledge sharing and mutual advancement in the Web3 space.

As the community looks forward to the full reveal of this project, this collaboration gives a sneak peek at the innovations ready to change Web3 gaming. More details will be shared soon, so stay tuned.

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