ALL.ART Partners With Darkblock to Bring Unlockable Content to SolSea NFT Marketplace

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2 min readJan 25, 2022


UPDATE: May 24, 2022 — We’re proud to announce that, for the first time on Solana, unlockable content is LIVE on SolSea! What sets this feature apart from other companies that provide unlockable digital assets is our partnership with Darkblock, a company that stores all NFT content on Arweave. As Arweave storage is permanent, censor resistant, and most importantly, decentralized, your unlockable content is safe and sound.

Unlockable NFTs can help independent creators, as well as mainstream brands to create a closer relationship with their communities, giving them bonus value and some insight that’s only available to their NFT holders.

SolSea, a product of ALL.ART, supports unlockable content by implementing technology developed by Darkblock, a company that has built the only decentralized protocol for “unlockables”. Unlockable content refers to files that can be “unlocked” only by owners (holders) of particular NFTs and it is one of the most requested features by both NFT creators and traders.

The two companies are joining forces to better understand different industries and their specific needs. From music and film, to the traditional art industry, every niche has its own demands and creative goals for NFTs. The partnership with Darkblock is part of ALL.ART Protocol’s long-term vision to standardize licenses embedded into NFTs — currently native only to NFT-PROs minted on SolSea.

In other words, minting an NFT, though seemingly a simple process, is complex and ought to include proper protection and distribution of IP rights. ALL.ART’s mission is to enable the proper “NFT-ization” of digital content, therefore new metadata standards have to include licenses for all types of NFTs in order to regulate how those NFTs can be used and by whom.

“Darkblock and ALL.ART are aligned in their missions to change the world of NFTs for the better. We are happy this partnership happened and are looking forward to what we will create together now and in the future,” said Co-Founder of ALL.ART, Vitomir Jevremovic.

By integrating support for unlockable content, SolSea will enable the creation and distribution of NFTs that include files such as:

  • art in high resolution ready for printing or displaying on HD digital surfaces
  • music in the form of soundtracks, songs, beats, etc.
  • video files for movies, clips or animation
  • comic books and ebooks

and many more…

Learn more about Darkblock and their protocol at
Visit and for more information about the ALL.ART Protocol and the NFT maketplace SolSea.



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