🎨🚀ALL.ART & SolSea is Coming to Solana Hacker House @ Berlin

ALL.ART Protocol
2 min readAug 30, 2023

We’ve got some exhilarating news for those riding the crest of the digital art wave. ALL.ART is coming to Solana Hacker House in Berlin, Aug 31 — Sep 3.

We’re super excited to catch up with our friends, partners, and everyone who’s been riding along with us on this art-tech adventure. We’ve been deep in the mix, and now we’re gearing up to bring even more cool stuff to the party!

🔷 SolSea in the Spotlight

Over at SolSea, we’re a true NFT platform through and through. We’re all about giving creators their due and making sure royalties are respected. It’s not just about building a platform for us — it’s about fueling a passion.

We’ve built a name among artists and collectors and we’re all about keeping it real, respecting creators, and being transparent. Come hang with us at the Hacker House to see where we’re headed!

🔷 An Immersive VR Odyssey

We’re doing more than just geeking out on blockchain details. We’re also leveling up with some next-level immersive experiences.

Exclusive for Hacker House, we’re rolling out our VR Exhibition called “SolSea Evergreens”.

It’s not just about visuals. We’re bringing you on an emotional rollercoaster, aiming to immerse you so deep into the art scene that the bond between you and the artwork feels electrifyingly real.

Our Berlin gig? It’s more than just a show-up-and-go event. It’s all about blending crazy cool tech, mad artistic skills, and the dream of a decentralized tomorrow.

So, let’s catch up! Spill your thoughts, shoot us your questions, or just come chat face-to-face. Together, let’s shape the next big thing in digital art and make sure it’s both inclusive and totally rad.

To the nexus of art and tech! 🥂

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