ALL.ART Wins Grant at the Lisbon SUI Builder House

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2 min readDec 15, 2022

It’s official — ALL.ART is coming to Sui! We are pleased to announce that ALL.ART has won a special grant at the Sui Builder House competition in Lisbon.

The grant from the Sui Foundation will be used to develop an open-source Unity-Sui wallet with NFT support, which will enable Unity developers to easily integrate the Sui blockchain into their games and apps. But our plans don’t stop there. We intend to be active contributors to the Sui ecosystem as we continue to develop more products and services that benefit the web3 community.

The Unity-Sui NFT wallet will allow developers to take advantage of Sui’s fast and cheap transactions, making it an ideal solution for game development in the growing web3 space. Since the release of our Unity-Solana wallet with NFT support — which has gained over 100 forks — we have seen a great interest from the Unity developer ecosystem to shift towards web3 apps. We hope that extending the wallet solution to Sui will incentivize even more game and app developers to embrace blockchain technology.

Sui is a new Layer-1 blockchain that offers some handy characteristics, such as cheap and fast transactions, as well as parallel transaction execution, but also excellently organized data layers, which make it an ideal solution for game development in the web3 space. Sui opens the door to mass adoption of web3 by enabling the integration of blockchain technology into a new generation of apps and games.

In addition to our work on the Unity-Sui wallet, we will be expanding our efforts into implementing improved NFT standards. We see a growing demand for license integration into the very structure of NFTs, as well as the development of industry-specific standards for NFTs. We believe that NFTs should be treated as chain-agnostic, as they exist on every chain and should be adaptable to the demands of different industries.

Our ALL.ART metaverse is the best example of the need for cross-chain transferable assets. In our own ecosystem, we need multi-chain enabled assets to provide seamless experiences for users and allow their creations to be used in a variety of contexts. As we continue to build our metaverse, we are encountering challenges that require new solutions. We are happy to be working on these solutions for the benefit of the greater community.

This journey is not easy, and there are challenges at every step of the way. We are grateful to be working with the Sui team to raise awareness of the actual needs of different industries that want to integrate web3 and NFTs into their businesses.

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