Gold Listings on SolSea: A Quick Guide

A Golden Opportunity for NFT Success

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3 min readMay 10, 2023

SolSea has been introducing innovative features to captivate collectors and creators alike for a while now. One such feature is the Gold Listings status, which can be earned by staking $AART tokens when listing an NFT on the platform.

Let’s walk through the concept of Gold Listings on SolSea and the benefits of staking $AART tokens.

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But first, what is staking on SolSea?

Staking on SolSea is a way to vouch for the quality and authenticity of your NFTs. By staking your $AART tokens, you’re essentially putting them in escrow, temporarily storing them alongside your NFT listing to elevate it to Gold status. It acts as a guarantee of your commitment to the NFT’s value, without losing the tokens themselves.

⚡The Power of Gold Listings⚡

SolSea’s Gold Listings offer a distinct advantage for NFT creators. They showcase the NFT on the Explore and Home pages, as well as Latest Gold Listings, making the creators more visible to potential buyers. Gold in the Spotlight listings on the homepage are handpicked by the SolSea team.

A screenshot of homepage showing a part of the website with Gold in the Spotlight and NFTs for sale
Gold in the Spotlight

The platform ranks NFTs according to the amount of staked $AART tokens. Those having higher stakes appear higher on the list, in descending order. This increased visibility can lead to quicker sales and better exposure for the creator.

A screenshot of homepage showing a part of the website with Latest Gold Listings and NFTs for sale
Latest Gold Listings

The $AART token isn’t only used for Gold Listings, though. It also plays a vital role in the larger AllArt ecosystem, such as 🪄lower fees (up to 0%.)

Staking $AART Tokens for Gold Listing Status 🔑

Staking $AART is an integral part of the Gold Listing process on SolSea. When a creator decides to list their NFT, they can choose to stake a certain amount of the tokens to get Gold Listing status.

The more $AART you stake, the higher your NFT will rank, giving you more attention from potential buyers.

☝️Note that SolSea’s committed to quality and authenticity, so staling is only available for verified NFTs.

How can I get verified on SolSea?

So, your collection must be verified first for you to be eligible for staking $AART and obtaining Gold Listing Status. SolSea has implemented a thorough verification process to make sure that only genuine and high-quality NFTs are granted this privilege.

The verification process includes an in-depth examination of the NFT’s origin, creator, and content. Feel free to learn more about it in this simple guide 👈

SolSea Gold Listings: Shining a Spotlight on Premium NFTs

Collectors and potential buyers can browse SolSea with confidence, knowing that they’re investing in authentic and high-quality digital art. Gold Listings offer a unique opportunity for NFT creators to increase their visibility and drive sales by staking $AART tokens. Pair that with the added security of verified NFTs, and you’re golden.


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