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A New Dawn in the NFT Ecosystem

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2 min readApr 7, 2023

SolSea is forging ahead to redefine licensing standards in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our commitment to continuous improvement sets the stage for a strong foundation that will underpin forthcoming global regulations in the NFT space.

As digital art and other creative assets revolutionize the concepts of value and ownership, licensing emerges as a critical component in safeguarding the interests of everyone — creators, buyers, and stakeholders alike.

An infographic showing an icon of a folder with SolSea logo on it and the words “Choose Your License” with types of licenses listed on the bottom

SolSea’s approach to licensing tackles essential elements that are indispensable to the NFT ecosystem:

📝Championing Intellectual Property: Our licenses honor and safeguard creators’ intellectual property rights, outlining usage and distribution parameters for NFT owners.

📝Demystifying Ownership: By clarifying ownership rights when purchasing an NFT, our licenses ensure buyers are fully informed about their entitlements, such as rights to resell, reproduce, or create derivative works.

📝Navigating Commercial Rights: SolSea’s licenses provide a clear roadmap for the commercial rights tied to NFTs, empowering owners to capitalize on their digital assets for promotional or merchandising ventures.

📝Revolutionizing Royalty Agreements: By embracing the potential of royalty agreements, SolSea allows creators to receive a percentage of future sales. Licenses form the bedrock of these agreements, enabling creators to continually benefit from their work even after its sale.

📝Providing Legal Fortification: By setting forth clear terms and conditions, our licenses offer legal protection to both creators and buyers, serving as a crucial reference point in dispute resolution and safeguarding the rights of all parties involved.

SolSea’s licensing framework covers the following vital categories:

  1. Private Use & Non-Commercial Exploitation: Exclusive NFT ownership and private use, with public display rights limited to collections and NFT sale listings.
  2. Personal Public Display & Non-Commercial Exploitation: Personal, non-commercial use with rights to feature artwork in digital and online spaces (e.g., avatars or profile pictures) without modification rights.
  3. Public Display & Non-Commercial Exploitation: Non-commercial public display rights, spanning digital and physical formats in cultural institutions and virtual exhibitions without financial gain.
  4. Reproduction & Commercial Exploitation: Commercial usage rights encompass reproduction, distribution, derivative works creation, and commercial exploitation without substantial modification rights.

*Please note that each category is subject to further terms and conditions, as specified in the license templates.

By advocating this innovative approach to licensing, SolSea is at the forefront of the NFT revolution, paving the way for global regulations that will soon sculpt the future of digital art and creator economies.

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