Meet the Artist: Aleksandar Crnogorac

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3 min readSep 12, 2023

Aleksandar Crnogorac is a Serbian documentary photographer who, despite self-identifying as “not technologically advanced,” has plunged headfirst into the world of NFTs. He’s recently debuted with his VR exhibition titled “Portraits of Men”, which is now live on SolSea.

We sat down with him to discuss his artistic journey, his ventures into the blockchain, and how he’s fusing tradition with innovation.

Can you start by introducing yourself and your work and tell us a bit about your artistic practice?

🧑‍🎨I’m a documentary photographer from Serbia. I mostly photograph people; if I wasn’t able to photograph people, I’d probably not be doing photography. I’ve previously worked in commercial photography, but now, I’m entirely devoted to documentary work.

Could you delve into your artwork creation process and the tools you employ?

🧑‍🎨My journey began with traditional photography during my teenage years, transitioning to digital around 2005. My approach remains rooted in old-school methods. I prefer capturing evocative images in my studio that require minimal post-production. Lightroom is my primary software, with occasional touches in Photoshop.

What kindles your artistic fire? And has the NFT realm affected your creativity?

🧑‍🎨People, minorities, and human rights issues inspire me. I am captivated by stories that transcend the mere visual, projects that enlighten or raise awareness. While the NFT space is new to me, it’s broadened my horizons and avenues to voice these narratives.

How did you first get involved with NFTs?

🧑‍🎨A friend in IT introduced me to the concept of NFTs. His recommendation piqued my curiosity. As for Solana… honestly, it all boiled down to a friend’s suggestion. My venture into SolSea was challenging, given my limited tech expertise, but it’s crucial to adapt and embrace change.

Your perspective on the future of NFT art, especially on Solana?

🧑‍🎨Even though I’m relatively new to NFTs, I genuinely believe their future is promising. Everything, including art and daily life, seems to be gravitating towards this digital frontier. And I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Any words of wisdom for newcomers in the Solana-based NFT arena?

🧑‍🎨Embrace the unknown and dive in! There’s no harm in exploring new frontiers.

Feedback on your NFTs from the community? Any engagement tactics?

🧑‍🎨The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. My foray into NFTs surprised many, but the encouragement and support have been uplifting.

Your journey from a blank canvas to a minted NFT in five words?

🧑‍🎨New, revolutionary, adventurous, challenging, and exhilarating.

Future projects or collaborations in the pipeline?

🧑‍🎨Absolutely! I’m working on a series featuring portraits and interviews of ethnically and religiously mixed couples in the Balkans. This initiative aims to spotlight individuals who, through their stories, promote tolerance, open-mindedness, and inspire a collective shift towards a progressive future.

Aleksandar Crnogorac’s journey underscores the power of art and technology in harmonious collaboration. Despite the perceived dichotomy between the tangible and digital, artists like Aleksandar are proof that when combined, they can craft an even more resonant narrative.

Visit his collection on SolSea and witness his fusion with modern tech firsthand.

Aleksandar Crnogorac on Insta & Aleksandar’s website

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