Minting Audio NFTs on SolSea: A Quick Guide

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3 min readApr 12, 2023


From digital art to collectibles, virtual real estate, and beyond, the NFT landscape has been flourishing with a myriad of use cases. Naturally, audio NFTs have emerged as a way for musicians and sound designers to tokenize their work, tapping into the market.

SolSea, a pioneer NFT marketplace on Solana, has long become the go-to place for minting and trading sound. In this quick guide, we’ll explore the steps to minting your very own audio NFTs on SolSea.

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🎶Why SolSea?

In a universe as vast and ever changing as NFT, SolSea crafts a bold licensing paradigm. The platform’s forging the path to a future where digital art and creator economies thrive within a global regulatory framework by championing intellectual properties, ownership, royalty agreements, and licenses.

Mix that with simplicity and accessibility, designed uniquely to fit the individual artists. SolSea empowers the most tech-averse creatives to mint their sound pieces as single files. Artists from every corner of the world can immortalize their work on the platform — no dev knowledge required.

🎶Why Mint Audio NFTs?

The short answer is, this type of NFTs unlocks new potential in the digital landscape. How? By revolutionizing monetization for musicians, artists, and collectors, allowing creators to bypass traditional gatekeepers. Plus, you get to increase your work’s value as collectors seek rare and exclusive pieces while connecting with fans directly.

🎶Step 1: Prepare Your File

Make sure your audio file is ready for the spotlight before you dive into the minting journey. Essentially, the goal is to deliver an enjoyable listening experience to your listeners and potential buyers, while keeping the file size manageable for the blockchain transactions.

How? Optimize your audio for quality and file size, and convert it into a widely-supported format, such as WAV or MP3, which are accepted on SolSea.

🎶Step 2: Create a Visual Representation

It goes without saying that audio is the main attraction. However, as part of the technical process, it’s essential to create an eye-catching visual representation for your NFT. This could be anything from a waveform image and an album cover, as long as it encapsulates the essence of your piece.

This step is necessary to make sure you add value to your NFT and make it more enticing for collectors on SolSea.

🎶Step 3: Set Up a Solana Wallet

Now that you have the file ready, there’s one more step before you mint. You’ll need to set up a Solana wallet, such as Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, Coin98, NuFi, Coinbase Wallet, Trust, or Ledger. They allow you to securely store and manage your SOL tokens, which are necessary for both minting and trading NFTs on Solana.

Note that you’ll need to transfer some SOL to your wallet ahead of time, as you’ll need them to cover the minting fees and transaction costs.

A screenshot of SolSea’s Solana wallets, including Phantom, Ledger, Solflare, Sollet, Coin98, NuFi, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust

🎶Step 4: Mint Your Audio NFT on SolSea

With your audio and visuals ready and your wallet all set up, it’s time to mint. Here’s how:

🔈Go to the SolSea login page or register if you haven’t yet

🔈Connect your wallet by clicking “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner

🔈Click “Create” to access the minting interface

🔉Fill out the required info (the name, description, and royalty $ for your NFT)

🔉Upload the visual

🔉Upload the file that meets the platform’s specifications

🔊…review everything…

🔊Click “Mint” and confirm the transaction in your wallet

The minting process may take a few moments. Once everything’s completed, your NFT will be live on SolSea. Happy minting!

🎶What does the future hold?

As we navigate through the realm of audio NFTs, every beat is faced with multiple challenges. There’s nothing the future can’t tackle, though. While the NFT music industry is still taking its first steps, the potential is vast.

In this pioneering stage, there are still many essential features that are yet to be discovered. We might witness the landscape expanding and adapting, with anything from playlists to immersive experiences reaching new heights of creativity and, of course, connectivity.

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