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Unveiling the Artistic Journey of Evgenia Baburina

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7 min readMay 16, 2023

Introducing Evgenia Baburina, a talented artist whose journey in the world of art began over two decades ago. Evgenia shares insights into her artistic process, inspirations, and the exciting future she envisions for NFT art on Solana.

A photo showing Evgenia Baburina, a digital artist from SolSea, an NFT marketplace on Solana, posing by her artwork

💭Can you start by introducing yourself and your work and tell us a bit about your artistic practice? How did you first get involved with NFTs?

🎙️My name is Evgenia Baburina, but you might also know me as Ebabur. I hail from Siberia, Russia, and my journey in the world of art began more than 20 years ago. My first exhibition was a milestone that sparked many others along the way. I spent a significant amount of time working as a graphic and web designer, as well as a branding expert.

Despite my academic background in math, with a master’s degree to boot, art became my consuming passion. So much so, that I decided to bid farewell to my math career and fully immerse myself in the world of art and design.

My introduction to the NFT space came just over a year ago, thanks to Twitter Spaces and its vibrant community. Starting from scratch, I’ve managed to amass nearly 20,000 followers in a year, which has been an amazing journey. I’ve encountered extraordinary people, made invaluable connections, and collaborated with numerous musicians and fellow artists. It’s been nothing short of incredible.

💭Why did you choose to work on the Solana blockchain and SolSea specifically?

🎙️I’ve always been interested in exploring different blockchains, primarily to engage with diverse collectors and communities. I started with Ethereum, dabbled in Polygon and Tezos, and eventually found my way to Solana. The switch happened when a collector asked to purchase my Tezos work with SOL. I agreed, and that’s how I obtained my first SOL. Following that, I decided to mint a collection on Solana. I initially tried Magic Eden, but due to some technical issues, I ended up using SolSea.

The SolSea team noticed my art even before I announced it, and they liked it so much they proposed a solo VR exhibition. I gladly accepted, minted more works, and created a full collection. The team did a stellar job promoting and featuring my work. I’ve never regretted choosing SolSea and I believe they are the best at presenting artists and promoting their work.

NFTs minted on SolSea by Evgenia Baburina

💭How do you see the future of NFT art, particularly on Solana? Are there certain trends or developments you’re excited about?

🎙️Looking at the future of NFT art, particularly on Solana, I believe it’s full of potential. NFT technology is revolutionary, and as the digital-native generation grows, its popularity will skyrocket. I see a bright future for NFTs. Despite Ethereum’s dominance, I believe other blockchains like Solana, with lower gas fees, will start to gain more traction.

💭Can you explain the process of creating your artwork? What tools or software do you use?

🎙️My artistic process is multidisciplinary. I use a plethora of tools, from traditional mediums like acrylics, watercolors, ink, markers, and ceramics, to digital art and animations which I love probably the most, because they allow me to express a whole lot of emotions. I think that’s one of the main purposes of the artist, to transmit emotions to those who look at the art.

I’m also a poet and have recently started collaborating with musicians, which led to the release of my first song. It’s a beautiful medley of my vocals, lyrics, art, and animation, all in harmony with the Sounds of Eden, a Swedish musician and composer. I’ve got more collaborations in the pipeline, all thanks to the connections I’ve made through Twitter Spaces.

“Let the world know about your work, hear it, see it, help them discover the story behind it, the inspiration, and the narrative”

💭What inspires your art? How do you think the NFT space has influenced your creativity?

🎙️Inspiration for my art comes from all around me — nature, music, people, situations. I’m never short of ideas. The challenge is finding enough time to bring them all to life. I believe that life is full of moments that can inspire us. If you ever find yourself lacking inspiration, look deeper. There’s a wealth of beauty in the world waiting to be discovered.

💭If you could create a new feature or tool to improve the process of presenting your work on SolSea, what would it be and why?

🎙️If I could improve SolSea in any way, it would be to make their impressive virtual galleries available on mobile. A lot of people are on their phones these days, and having to switch to a computer can be a hurdle.

💭If each of your VR NFT exhibitions on SolSea had a soundtrack, what songs or type of music would be included? What about the collections and individual pieces?

🎙️When it comes to adding soundtracks to my VR NFT exhibitions on SolSea, I would definitely include the song I recently released with the Songs of Eden, as well as future tracks I plan to release.

💭How have your NFTs been received by the community? Do you engage with your community in any specific ways?

🎙️My NFTs have been warmly welcomed by the community. Despite entering the NFT space during a bear market, I’ve managed to sell out three of my small 1–1 art collections. The level of support I’ve received has been incredible, something not often found in real life due to the limited number of people one can interact with. As an artist who’s exhibited widely in real life through solo and group exhibitions, I’ve seen significant recognition.

For instance, I’ve secured first place in the Russian Art Week for two consecutive years, a major milestone for me. However, the NFT space offers a unique kind of support from the community. It’s important that people are able to not only view your work, but also engage with and collect it. The feeling when someone collects your work is simply magical.

Engaging with people in Twitter Spaces is something I truly enjoy. This audio format is excellent because it allows you to multitask and participate in discussions while carrying on with your real life activities. It’s a highly convenient format.

I frequently join spaces, and occasionally host them myself, organizing special parties in the form of concerts. I invite many talented friends to perform and sing. I’m looking forward to hosting my 20k followers party soon. It’s set to be a party filled with a concert, positive vibes, and art giveaways — a regular feature at my parties.

A screenshot of an VR exhibition on SolSea with NFTs by Evgenia Baburina

💭How do you handle copyright and intellectual property rights for your digital artwork on SolSea?

🎙️On the subject of intellectual property rights, SolSea is an excellent platform because it includes this feature. You can specify what rights you transfer to the NFT owners. While I allow public display of my art, all intellectual property rights remain with me. I collaborate with a brand to create clothing featuring my art, which is sold on several major online stores. All intellectual and commercial rights remain with me.

NFTs are collectibles and a great asset; I’ve already had multiple secondary sales. Investing in NFTs is a way to invest in an artist’s journey and potential, something that can be resold later as the artist becomes more popular. The artist also gets royalties. It’s a win-win situation.

💭What advice would you give to an artist who is just starting out in the NFT space on Solana?

🎙️I would suggest exploring different blockchains, including Solana. Each blockchain hosts different communities, so don’t limit yourself to just one. SolSea, for instance, has been instrumental in showcasing and promoting my art.

💭How would you describe the journey from blank canvas to minted NFT using only five words?

🎙️Draw, describe, mint, list, and promote.

Let the world know about your work, hear it, see it, help them discover the story behind it, the inspiration, and the narrative.

💭Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’d like to tell us about?

🎙️I have a few exciting collaborations lined up. I’m working with a New York musician on an album where I’m creating the art and contributing vocals. I’m also collaborating with a musician and a poet from the U.S. and Canada, respectively, and another musician from the UK. Other planned collaborations include a musician from Indonesia, and completed collaborations with musicians from France and Sweden.

The diversity of people I meet and who want to collaborate with me is immense. I’m also planning a collaboration with a musician from Cuba. I believe you’ll enjoy these upcoming collaborations and projects. They’re gonna be amazing!


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