SNGLR.NFT Presents Its International NFT Art Collection on ALL.ART for 2023 Basel Art Week

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3 min readJun 15, 2023

In an exciting intersection of creativity and technology, the international NFT & metaverse collective SNGLR.NFT teamed up with ALL.ART, an innovative online platform and an architect of the metaverse. This collaboration embarks on a thrilling venture to showcase SNGLR.NFT’s burgeoning collection of NFT artwork within the unique and high-resolution digital environments crafted by ALL.ART.

The virtual exhibition is launched at the annual Art Basel festival, inviting global art enthusiasts and collectors to venture into the ALL.ART metaverse and revel in a unique digital art showcase.

SNGLR.NFT is co-hosting a live event in Basel, uniting NFT artists worldwide in a celebration of creativity. Partners for this creative confluence include the Swiss NFT Association, Swiss Metaverse Association, Cryptobus, ArtyNFT, and naturally, ALL.ART.

Chief Curator of SNGLR.NFT, Patrick Neuenschwander, is excited:

We are already displaying our NFT art pieces in Decentraland and on Spatial, but the gallery created by the ALL.ART team is taking it to a new level .

Daniel Diemers, another SNGLR.NFT member and co-organizer of the NFT Event during Art Basel adds:

I really do like the crisp graphics, and the sleek, almost cubistic design of our new gallery in the Metaverse! The visual quality is better than most that we have seen so far on other platforms.

The gallery exhibition is freely available and can be entered with just a mouse click from any standard laptop or tablet, but of course it can also be enjoyed with the latest VR gear.

Co-Founder of ALL.ART, Alexander Fuerer, comments:

Art and culture deserve an appropriate home in the metaverse. No more Monet’s in Lego-style galleries surrounded by squareheads. Visual quality is one key to admiring fine art in virtual spaces, as well as a seamless user experience through intelligent and versatile avatar management.

“Humanity lives in its fiction.

Only a soul full of despair can ever attain serenity

and, to be in despair,

you must have loved a good deal

and still love the world.”

Blaise Cendrars


SNGLR.NFT was created in 2021 with the aim to provide a virtual home for a group of friends passionate about art, exponential tech, blockchain, NFT, and the metaverse. It has grown to 19 members and spans from South-East Asia over the Middle East to Europe.

The shared purpose is to celebrate and promote NFT art & collectibles and — together with an international network of think-alikes & friends — –co-shape the emerging vision of a collaborative, engaging and human-centered metaverse.

The SNGLR.NFT collective includes entrepreneurs, investors, authors, academics, business acolytes, thinkers, collectors, gallerists, musicians, gamers etc. Together they participate in the new narratives and shape them.

About ALL.ART — The Metaverse For Arts & Culture

ALL.ART offers a groundbreaking online platform for artists, galleries, museums, cultural institutions, and collectors to exhibit and trade art in digital, virtual, and mixed-reality spaces.

Since 2017, ALL.ART has developed the platform with the strict objective of delivering the best possible visual experiences for artists, gallerists, curators, collectors, and art lovers.

With the upcoming launch of a Metaverse explicitly dedicated to Arts & Culture, it provides the art world with a new interactive playground to gather and exchange and to experience and enjoy art in an unprecedented way.



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