SolSea Introduces: THE VOLCANO - The Next-Generation NFT Launchpad

ALL.ART Protocol
3 min readJan 29, 2022

THE VOLCANO is a platform that gives you, the creators, a unique space for your NFT collection drops. It’s a place where the community gathers pre-launch to learn more about you — your roadmap, team, vision, and, when the time comes, to mint NFTs.

Here’s what THE VOLCANO helps you with:

NFT Drops in Stages

You can organize multi-staged drops, dividing your journey from private to public mint into phases such as:

  • Stage 1 for the most active community members,
  • Stage 2 for whitelist applicants
  • and Stage 3 for the public mint.


Whitelist your participants for each stage of the drop based on your marketing activities, community rewards, private recommendations or other engagement methods, and build a larger community along the way.

Variety of NFT Distribution Mechanisms

On THE VOLCANO you have the freedom to choose how you want to launch your NFT Collection.

  • Pre-sale: this method lets your community mint a token receipt before drop. Once the collection is sold out, NFTs are distributed to all token receipt holders.
  • Raffle mint: a mechanism for randomized on-demand minting of NFTs. When a community member visits your project’s website and clicks the “Mint” button, a random NFT from a collection is instantly dropped into their wallet.
  • Post-mint reveal: in this case, when a user mints an NFT, it is transferred to their wallet but the real artwork is only revealed once the collection is sold out.
  • Pool launch: a unique minting mechanism that automatically distributes NFTs based on the size of a community member’s contribution to your project’s pool.

Multi-Currency Support & Project-Specific Tokens

Cryptocurrencies can be volatile and the price of the mint can change based on current market conditions. That’s why you have the option of minting in any token supported on the Solana blockchain (SOL, AART, USDC, USDT…). Additionally, if your project has its own token, you can mint using your own currency, too!

Minting With a Credit Card

Give new users a hand to enter the NFT space and gain more community members. THE VOLCANO supports credit cards so they can mint NFTs easily and jump right over that first blockchain barrier.

Unlockable Content

For the first time, you can bulk mint NFTs with unlockable content. This means that only the owner of an NFT can unlock the hidden content.

NFTs With Embedded Licenses

THE VOLCANO uses ALL.ART’s NFT-PRO standard that is Metaplex-compatible but also has embedded license agreements. Your community will know exactly what they can do with their purchased NFTs.

Bot-Free Collection Launch

The platform protects your launch and genuine community members by requiring user registration before minting.

Protection Against Rug Pulls

Vesting of creator funds shows your long-term commitment to your community and your belief in the project’s future.

Another benefit of THE VOLCANO is that it is fully integrated with SolSea (including Pre-Market listings), so your community can start trading on the secondary market as soon as your mint ends!

We are excited to announce that many incredible projects are soon launching via SolSea’s NFT launchpad and we can’t wait to share more news with our community. THE VOLCANO is about to erupt!

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