SolSea Introduces: THE VOLCANO - The Next-Generation NFT Launchpad

NFT Drops in Stages

  • Stage 1 for the most active community members,
  • Stage 2 for whitelist applicants
  • and Stage 3 for the public mint.


Variety of NFT Distribution Mechanisms

  • Pre-sale: this method lets your community mint a token receipt before drop. Once the collection is sold out, NFTs are distributed to all token receipt holders.
  • Raffle mint: a mechanism for randomized on-demand minting of NFTs. When a community member visits your project’s website and clicks the “Mint” button, a random NFT from a collection is instantly dropped into their wallet.
  • Post-mint reveal: in this case, when a user mints an NFT, it is transferred to their wallet but the real artwork is only revealed once the collection is sold out.
  • Pool launch: a unique minting mechanism that automatically distributes NFTs based on the size of a community member’s contribution to your project’s pool.

Multi-Currency Support & Project-Specific Tokens

Minting With a Credit Card

Unlockable Content

NFTs With Embedded Licenses

Bot-Free Collection Launch

Protection Against Rug Pulls



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