SolSea launchpad integrates support for the $BONK token

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2 min readJan 4, 2023

SolSea, developed by ALL.ART, is excited to announce that its launchpad will now support the $BONK token. This decision was made due to the impact that the Bonk cultural movement has had, both in generating buzz around Solana and $BONK, and in creating a need for support from ecosystem projects and the wider crypto community.

Starting late next week, collections will be available to mint using $BONK on the SolSea launchpad. In the first phase of this integration, the process of minting collections will operate as usual. However, in the second phase, token burning mechanics will be implemented. This feature will give creators of collections the option to set a percentage of $BONK to be burnt each time an NFT is minted.

Why are we integrating $BONK?

As an SPL token on the Solana blockchain, the integration of $BONK also allows for the launch of collections in any Solana-based SPL token, including ALL.ART’s own $AART, as well as $USDC. This integration represents an upgrade to the SolSea launchpad and its ability to mint collections in any Solana-based SPL token. This development is a significant progress not only for the SolSea launchpad, but also for the entire Solana ecosystem, as it brings increased exposure and attention to the Solana blockchain and its tokens and NFTs.

What are the next steps?

To kick off this new development, we will be opening the application process for new collections to launch in $BONK early next week. Those interested in launching a collection on the SolSea launchpad will be able to do so after the application form is available. After the mint, these collections will be available for trading on SolSea using $BONK. We encourage anyone interested in this opportunity to stay tuned for more updates and to consider applying to launch their collection on the SolSea launchpad.

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