SOLSEA — the first open NFT marketplace on Solana

Features of SOLSEA:

  • For the first time, creators can embed licenses directly in NFTs
    The most important feature by far is adding licenses to the minted NFTs. Creators will be given an option to embed license agreement inside the NFT. The first set of licenses will be discussed in a separate article. There will be an option to include a custom license, as well.
  • Sales of ALL Solana NFTs compatible with SPL token standard
    You will be able to list and buy every NFT minted on Solana that follows Metaplex metadata standard, e.g Exiled Apes. We are also open to include other standards that were minted before Metaplex was used, or had issues with minting.
  • Calendar for future PFP and major NFT drops on Solana
    Keep track of all the future drops you won’t want to miss out on in the Solana ecosystem with our simple easy to use calendar that allows you to customise and optimise for your preferred NFT drops. Afterall the Sea is a vast wide open place, you’ll need help navigating it.
  • Minting of NFTs on the marketplace with traits/attributes
    You will be able to mint individual NFTs, whether they be collectibles, P2E assets, art pieces, PFPs (etc.) efficiently, easily and in a cost effective manner. You will be able to mint Metaplex compatible NFTs directly on the marketplace and add your own properties to each NFT.
  • Creation of Collections on-chain
    While NFTs can be minted individually, we’ll also give creators the tools to create “collections” of NFTs. NFTs can be minted as a part of a collection which will be stored on-chain and linked to individual NFTs minted on the marketplace. Collections will have properties which can include traits. When minting NFTs that are part of the collection, traits will be automatically open in the interface for NFT minting. (Bulk minting will be enabled in the future alongside the deployment of cAMM Liquidity pools in phase 2).
  • Public and Private listings
    Sellers are able to list the NFT both publicly and privately. If listed privately, the link to the NFT will not be visible on the explore section of the marketplace. This feature is intended for P2P sales arranged privately off the marketplace.
  • Listing/Sales in different currencies (SOL, USDC, SRM, etc.)
    Sellers will be given an option to choose the listing currency including stable-coins and other popular Solana tokens.
  • FTX-Pay integration
    For non-crypto native collectors, there will be an option to use FTX Pay as an easy way to purchase NFTs with their credit cards.
  • Rarity index and traits ranking
    Every NFT that has traits and is a part of an established collection will have a calculated rarity index. Traits of each collection will be sorted, numbered and their rarity presented.
  • 3D viewer of NFTs
    NFTs that are uploaded in 3D format like GLB will appear in an interactive 3D viewer.
  • Ultra-fast and cheap minting process
    Minting NFTs on other chains, especially Ethereum, created a big friction due to increasing gas fees. Solana provides low gas fees and thus opens new possibilities for creators looking to sell their NFTs in a much affordable way.
  • Low-transaction cost
    Thanks to Solana’s low transaction cost, buying NFTs on the marketplace will not generate additional high expenses.
  • Fast UI and UX with caching of NFTs
    Caching of files that are stored on decentralized storage is a key element in providing users a seamless experience. Thanks to All-Art’s APIs that cache the files, the SOLSEA experience will be fast and enjoyable.
  • Serum swaps for seamless cross currency payments
  • Order books for individual NFTs
  • Liquidity pools in Phase#2

Features coming soon:

  • More powerful analytical tools for collectors, analysts and enthusiasts
  • Collector toolset that will allow for more powerful organization and visualization for individual NFTs and collections
  • Swipe-the-floor on collections and projects
  • Bulk collecting and minting
  • Advanced license management
  • Support for real-life art sales as NFTs (digi-physical)
  • AR viewer/explorer of NFTs
  • Serum order book integration
  • Launchpad



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