SOLSEA — the first open NFT marketplace on Solana

All-Art Protocol is releasing the first open NFT marketplace on Solana with integrated minting, NFTs with embedded licenses, FTX-Pay support, Rarity index, and many more features.

The Solana ecosystem has seen explosive growth, including a range of NFT projects that have recently been launched. The demand for an open NFT marketplace has been communicated vocally by members of the community in need of a secondary market for all the NFTs minted in the Solana ecosystem. We believe that communities of NFT creators that are emerging will only be able to flourish in an open marketplace. Solana blockchain, the backbone of SOLSEA, will have an opportunity to attract a wide audience of NFT enthusiasts interested in utilizing its new licensing standards, negligible transaction costs, and high speeds.

Features of SOLSEA:

  • For the first time, creators can embed licenses directly in NFTs
    The most important feature by far is adding licenses to the minted NFTs. Creators will be given an option to embed license agreement inside the NFT. The first set of licenses will be discussed in a separate article. There will be an option to include a custom license, as well.

We are also happy to announce that All-Art Protocol has been awarded a Serum grant for close integration of Serum into our protocol and products. What SOLSEA will have is:

  • Serum swaps for seamless cross currency payments

Features coming soon:

  • More powerful analytical tools for collectors, analysts and enthusiasts

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Some of you might wonder why we’ve chosen the name SOLSEA as it closely resembles its big brother OpenSea. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, it gives an instant mental image of what stands behind the name. There is no doubt it is an open NFT marketplace on Solana. You can easily remember it, you can easily recall it. Second reason is that the sea is a great and already established concept of the permissionless NFT marketplace. Great number of project names on Solana start with Sol-, therefore it made sense not only to position it into the already established Solana community, but to promote the Solana blockchain by putting Sol in the name.

We believe that implementing SEA as the main image behind the idea of open NFT access might work well in a wider community on other chains too, so that openness and freedom become an inspiration and a driving force of all NFT creators, regardless of what chain they are using to publicize their works.