The Dawn of Creator Economies

ALL.ART and SolSea launch support for NFT projects that have their own currency, becoming the first platform to support creator economies and enable trade in project tokens.

ALL.ART Protocol
2 min readMay 12, 2022

Ever since blockchain technology brought us easy creation of new tokens, the question was raised: why would someone create their own token instead of using already existing ones?

Compared to cryptocurrency tokens, NFTs are non-fungible and represent unique digital assets. They are easy to create, too, and have changed the game in the crypto space forever. Their uniqueness and rarity, entangled with utility, symbolize a new form of value creation and preservation.

As more and more projects are utilizing both fungible and non-fungible tokens, the question becomes: how can these two different asset classes be combined to give their creators and holders more value and long-term utility?

The future ahead is bright and we call it — Creator Economies.

What are Creator Economies?

The world is shifting from a “value capture” economy to a “value creation” economy, and needs a new set of rules which will democratize access to resources for creators and make value creation as rewarding as it should be in the 21st century.

As creators grow their communities and ecosystems around their projects, launching their own tokens and utilizing them in their ecosystems of “products” is an essential next step. Thus, NFTs that are tradable in project tokens bring value to the token as the exclusive currency of a creator.

This supports the development and expansion of the creator ecosystem and underlying economies that will evolve around tokens launched by creators. By having a clear use-case and utility, trading digital assets — tokens — becomes a necessity for the next generation of NFT creators who want to grow their own economies.

As a creator you wish to provide your community with a fully functional ecosystem that doesn’t depend on any outside factors. SolSea’s project token integration enables you just that. And as an NFT holder and an important part of the community, you want to become an integral part of the project early on (and collect all the benefits that come with it, like staking project tokens on listed NFTs and getting rewards in turn).

The power is now in the hands of creators and their communities. Let’s prove the power of collective effort!

We welcome the first collections tradable in project tokens:

  • Blockassets in $BLOCK
  • SolChicks in $CHICKS
  • Heavenland in $HTO
  • Basismarkets in $BASIS
  • ALL.ART Circle Collection in $AART

Head on over to SolSea and join the Creator Economy revolution!






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