The First Full Open Source Unity Sui Wallet

Introducing the first-ever FULL open-source crypto wallet developed in the Unity game engine for the Sui blockchain. ALL.ART will showcase the Unity-Sui Wallet at Sui Builder House in Singapore.

ALL.ART Protocol
2 min readSep 7, 2023

In a monumental move for the decentralized web3 space, ALL.ART proudly announces its much-anticipated presentation of the open-source Unity-SUI Wallet at the Sui Builder House in Singapore, coinciding with the TOKEN2049 event.

Our Unity-Sui Wallet has been developed thanks to the grant provided by the Sui Foundation during the first Sui Builder House held in Portugal last year. Their unwavering support and belief in our vision have been instrumental in bringing this innovative solution to life.

What is Suity?

Suity is a comprehensive full open-source wallet application. Developers are free to adopt it, fork it, customize it, or integrate it into applications or games they create for Sui.

Notably, the wallet not only comes with the source code for all Sui blockchain handling but also boasts a full UI consistent with all standard crypto wallets.

Event Highlights

Attendees at the Sui Builder House presentation can look forward to 👉 a deep dive into the features and functionalities of the Suity Wallet.

Moreover, ALL.ART’s participation at TOKEN2049 offers our partners and the developer community an opportunity to connect with us directly and delve deeper into our mission and products.

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