The World Metaverse Council Enters ALL.ART

World Metaverse Council is holding a meeting in the ALL.ART Metaverse

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2 min readJul 19, 2023

ALL.ART, especially acclaimed for its artistic and design aspects, introduces the potential of the Metaverse, hosting the upcoming meeting of the prestigious World Metaverse Council (WMC).

This event, scheduled for Wednesday, July 19, 2023, represents an important step in the global dialog about the future of the shared digital landscape.

Who Are WMC?

The WMC is a prestigious coalition of over 800 distinguished thinkers from 78 countries. United in their vision for the progressive development of Metaverse technology, they are dedicated to creating a thriving digital realm for both humans and their avatars.

This council is steadfast in its pursuit of a Metaverse that is open, transparent, interoperable, and decentralized.

The WMC champions freedom of speech, belief, and a life devoid of fear and scarcity. Their mission revolves around sharing knowledge, tracking and disseminating latest advancements, and nurturing thought leadership on emerging industry issues.

The Guide

Mr. Vitomir Jevremović, the esteemed CEO of ALL.ART and an active participant in the WMC’s Art & Design workgroup, will serve as the guide through the encounter.

Mr. Vitomir will offer a profound dialogue about the potential future of the Metaverse, complimented by shared experiences from the current suite of virtual environment solutions.

The future of the Metaverse is a journey that promises to be enlightening and transformative.



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