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3 min readApr 5, 2023

From staking to trading, $AART is the cornerstone of the ALL.ART ecosystem. As you step into its realm, you’ll discover the native digital token that fuels the protocol and how it unlocks a world of possibilities for artists, collectors, and investors. As the driving force behind this innovative platform, $AART aims to revolutionize the NFT landscape and empower creators around the globe.

In this quick guide, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of the token, demonstrating how it serves as the indispensable bridge between art, technology, and commerce. Without further ado…

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What is $AART and its role in the ALL.ART Protocol?

$AART is the digital engine of the ALL.ART Protocol, a cryptographically-secure token designed for seamless interoperability within the protocol. As a non-refundable, functional utility token, it facilitates transactions between users and paves the way for future NFT-based creator economies, whatever the market may hold.

As the native token, $AART energizes every aspect of the protocol. It’s employed in all services related to the NFT-PRO standard, along with the broader ALL.ART ecosystem. The token serves as a means to reduce trade fees and cover transaction costs, as well as a staking tool. $AART unlocks access to unique features, services, and products, facilitating yield farming and enabling the acquisition and management of virtual estates.

Diving deep, let’s see what are some of the features of the token:

🤝Empowering creators. $AART paves the way for NFT-based creator economies, giving artists the tools they need to monetize their work and reach new audiences.

🤝Streamlined trading. The token facilitates effortless trading and swapping of tokens, fostering a marketplace for NFT enthusiasts.

🤝Enhanced staking opportunities. $AART lets users stake their tokens and unlock extra benefits and rewards within the ecosystem.

🤝Interoperability. As a non-refundable, functional utility token, $AART transcends boundaries and makes sure all transactions between the users within the protocol are smooth.

🤝Dynamic community and interconnected network. $AART is the cornerstone of the ecosystem, connecting its various elements, products, and partners.

Trading and Staking $AART

$AART has established a strong presence across multiple exchanges and liquidity pools, presenting a wide array of options to maximize the token’s benefits.

Here’s a closer look at some of the platforms where $AART can be traded, swapped, staked, or farmed:

  • SolSea.io: As one of the largest decentralized NFT marketplaces built on Solana, SolSea offers users the ability to trade and stake $AART. The platform has a user-friendly interface, ideal for buying, selling, and discovering NFTs — all while leveraging the power of $AART.
  • Orca: Orca is another popular AMM and Solana decentralized exchange (DEX). It has an intuitive interface and competitive rates, enabling users to trade, swap, and stake $AART with ease. Orca’s user-focused design makes it an attractive platform for both crypto novices and experienced users alike.
  • Gate.io: As a well-established centralized exchange, Gate.io offers users access to an extensive range of cryptocurrencies and trading options. Its secure and reliable platform allows users to trade, swap, or stake $AART to capitalize on the token’s growth and utility within the ALL.ART ecosystem.

Reducing Marketplace Fees Through Staking

Since June 2022, the starting marketplace fee on SolSea has been lowered from 3% to 2%. By staking $AART tokens, users can further reduce the marketplace fee all the way to 0%, which means no fees will be deducted from NFT sales.

Here is the discount structure:

  1. 500,000 $AART: 1.5% marketplace fee
  2. 1,000,000 $AART: 1% marketplace fee
  3. 1,500,000 $AART: 0.5% marketplace fee
  4. 2,000,000 $AART: 0% marketplace fee

Users can withdraw their tokens anytime, resetting the marketplace fee to 2%.

GOLD Listing for NFTs

Staking $AART tokens when listing an NFT grants a GOLD Listing status, highlighting the NFT on the Explore pages. NFTs will be ranked according to the amount of staked tokens, in descending order.

Note that staking is available only for verified NFTs.

$AART: the Catalyst for NFT Innovation

As the creative spark ignites the ALL.ART Protocol, $AART empowers users to conquer the dynamic world of NFTs and creator economies. With the token as your talisman, the possibilities are endless. Unleash the true potential of $AART now and explore a flourishing community of artists, collectors, and investors collaborating, sharing, and prospering — together.

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