VR-All-Art Collaborates with ArteMorfosis for Virtual Havana Showcase

Blending Virtual Reality with Cuban Artistry

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2 min readSep 13, 2023

At VR-All-Art, we are constantly exploring new frontiers in the realm of virtual reality exhibitions. In our pursuit to bring immersive art experiences to a global audience, we’re thrilled to spotlight our collaboration with ArteMorfosis — the Cuban Art Platform. Together, we’re crafting a unique digital realm that bridges the gap between Cuban art and global enthusiasts.

ArteMorfosis’ Journey: From Zurich Galleries to Havana’s Pulse

Established in 2015 in Zurich, ArteMorfosis has carved a niche for itself by promoting established as well as emerging Cuban artists. Recognizing the transformative potential of the digital age, the gallery seamlessly integrated technology with art, providing art aficionados a unique digital experience.

VR Space

Pioneers at the Helm: Meet the Gallery Owners

The heart and soul behind ArteMorfosis are Idalmys and Johann Burkhard. While Idalmys brings a rich Cuban heritage, with strong connections to her country’s artistic community, Johann is an digital visionary from Switzerland. Their combined passion and vision have propelled ArteMorfosis to its present stature.

Setting a New Course

After leaving a mark in Zurich for seven years, ArteMorfosis took a bold step by closing its gallery in 2022. The next chapter? Establishing event rooms right in the heart of Cuban art — Havana. This strategic relocation is not merely geographical; it signifies ArteMorfosis’s intent to delve deeper into the Cuban contemporary art scene.

VR-All-Art & ArteMorfosis: A History of Collaboration

Our collaboration with ArteMorfosis began in 2018. Since then, VR-All-Art has been instrumental in creating virtual twins of the ArteMorfosis showroom in Zurich and two prominent art galleries in Havana. Our newest collaboration brings to life a virtual tour of ArteMorfosis’s sleek showroom in the vibrant Vedado neighborhood. This immersive VR journey lets art enthusiasts worldwide savor a slice of Cuban creativity from the comfort of their homes.

Embracing Digital Transformation: VR, AR, and Beyond


On VR-All-Art, the Havana showcase unfolds a realm where artworks resonate vividly, drawing viewers into an authentic gallery atmosphere. Individuals can effortlessly envision how selected pieces might fit within their own environments prior to finalizing a purchase.

For a transformative VR experience, explore the VR exhibition of ArteMorfosis’s Havana showroom. Stay connected for more updates on their Instagram.



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