A New Era of $AART Staking

Celebrating Massive Fee Reductions

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2 min readMay 17, 2023

We are excited to announce significant changes to our staking fees structure for $AART. Our goal is to make staking more accessible and affordable for all our users. We have heard your feedback, and we are making it easier for everyone to participate in the $AART ecosystem.

👋Previously, the staking fees were as follows:

0 $AART → 2% fee

500,000 $AART → 1.5% fee

1,000,000 $AART → 1% fee

1,500,000 $AART → 0.5% fee

2,000,000 $AART → no fee

A screenshot of SolSea $AART staking page with reduced fees before the update
Old structure

We acknowledge that these fees might have been a barrier for some. Hence, we’ve decided to revamp our fees structure to benefit a larger number of $AART holders.

💪Here’s the new staking fees structure:

0 $AART → 2% fee

25,000 $AART → 1.5% fee

50,000 $AART → 1% fee

75,000 $AART → 0.5% fee

100,000 $AART → no fee

A screenshot of SolSea $AART staking page with reduced fees after the update

With these changes, we hope to encourage more $AART holders to stake and participate in our growing ecosystem. The new fees structure is effective immediately.

👉Go to SolSea.io

👉Connect your wallet

👉Click on “Reduce fee” on the bottom left menu under “Stake $AART

☝️Note that you can unstake anytime.

Feel free to learn more about the benefits of staking $AART and Gold Listings.

Happy staking!


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