The First Open-Source Unity-Solana Wallet with NFT support

“At All-Art, we feel that a Unity-Solana integration is the core element of the wide adoption of blockchain in games and apps. Once developing blockchain-based games becomes the norm, all games will have their in-game economies operating on the blockchain. For this to happen, a robust, high-speed infrastructure is needed and we see Solana as the key for that. Adding NFT / NFT-PRO support through Metaplex stores and the All-Art Protocol infrastructure will ensure game developers can start thinking differently about in-game assets. They all become tradable NFTs. We can’t wait to see what the Unity community will do with the wallet, and we are here to help them on this journey, as our mission is simple — bring games to Solana.”

— Vitomir Jevremovic, CEO of All-Art Protocol



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